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SoNorA – South North Axis

University Think Tank Building up a network of transport universities in Central Europe for the strategic support and coordination of the EU-project SoNorA


In the Interreg IV-B project SoNorA 25 international partners from Italy, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia are cooperating in order to develop a North-South-Corridor from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea as a further core region in Central Europe. The Transport and Spatial Planning Institute (IVR) of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt is one of these partners and manages the creation of a think tank as a network of universities related to spatial planning and transport in the program area Central Europe. This network delivers methodological and strategic support for the whole project and especially for the work package leaders. Furthermore the network provides the scientific consultation of the project so as to be able to develop and adjust the work plans adequately. This includes the organisation of scientific conferences and field-trips, the realisation of international exchange programs and the creation of common research projects. The results should increase the effectiveness and productivity of the whole project.

In this transnational output "University Think Tank" the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute (IVR) works together with three associated institutes (TU Budapest, TU Dresden and University Györ (Hungary)). In the course of the project further universities and research institutes like the University of Gdansk (Poland), the University of Zilina (Slovakia), the University of Maribor (Slovenia), the Roskilde University (Denmark), the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), the University of Trieste (Italy), the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Transport Research Laboratory (UK), the University of the West of England, the National Technical University of Athens, the Slovak University of Technology, the TU Berlin and the Leibniz Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning (Germany) were included.

The topics of the SoNorA Think Tank Conferences were:

  • Transport infrastructure between the Adriatic and the Baltic Sea
  • TEN-T core network. National and international railway policies
  • Infrastructure, society, trade, and regional development
  • Railway logistics and rail cargo
  • Future of rail and inland waterway freight
  • Harbour hinterland transport and connections
  • Transport and the environment


Proceedings of the 2nd SoNorA University Think Tank Conference, 16th of June 2009, Gdynia

Proceedings of the 3rd SoNorA University Think Tank Conference, 11th of November 2009, Potsdam

Proceedings of the 4th SoNorA University Think Tank Conference, 25th of February 2010, Portorož

Proceedings of the 5th SoNorA University Think Tank Conference, 17th of June 2010, Erfurt

Proceedings of the 6th SoNorA University Think Tank Conference, 15th of October 2010, České Budějovice

Proceedings of the 7th SoNorA University Think Tank Conference, 17th of February 2011, Trieste

Proceedings of the 8th SoNorA University Think Tank Conference, 16th of June 2011, Szczecin

Proceedings of the 9th SoNorA University Think Tank Conference, 19th of October 2011, Bologna

Proceedings of the 10th SoNorA University Think Tank Conference, 19th of April 2012, Venezia

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme cofinanced by the ERDF.

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