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Extended evaluation of the classified road network in the Free State of Thuringia on the basis of RIN (guideline for integrated network design)

This project is based on and continues the work of the Evaluation of the Transport Axis in North-, Middle-, Southwest- and East-Thuringia study. The main objective is the creation of a road network relation for all identified relations of central connections, each differentiated according to the stages of the connections’ functions. This procedural step is necessary to expose information on which functional network shall be provided for which stage of the connection’s function. Further, it gives an idea of to what extent the measures of redesigning are in line with the standards of the RIN (guideline for integrated network design) resp. with the enhancement of supply qualities.

The institute’s integrated transport model of the Free State of Thuringia will serve as a platform for the project’s work. An additional goal of the project is the development of a standardised procedure for reallocations within networks, a goal that incorporates objectives of spatial planners, transportation planners and transport economics.

Accompanying the project, a research group will be formed with representatives of the various project partners and of the Thuringian Ministry for Construction, State Development and Transportation as well as the Thuringian State Road Construction Authority.

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