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Route reactivation „Höllentalbahn“

Background of the project

The reactivation of the “Höllentalbahn”, a railway route that runs along the Hof-Saalfeld route from Marxgrün through the “Höllental” valley on to Blankenstein, has been controversially discussed for quite some time now. After the operation the railway infrastructure was interrupted by Germany’s partition, the remaining freight transport was also stopped in 1971. Accordingly, in 1982, the dismantling of the tracks was set in motion. The Blankenstein-Marxgrün section is currently shut down. However, the legal dedication of this route to the railway transport sector is still existent up to today. Beyond the background of this matter, the Chamber of Commerce of East Thuringia commissioned the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt with the investigation of traffic flows and transport conditions concerning public transport and specifically freight transport along the route of the “Höllentalbahn”.

The contents of this investigation include:

  • Processing of investigations and statistics that are already available in this matter
  • Narrowing down of the matter
  • Estimating the existing amounts of transport and questioning relevant companies
  • Exposing traffic flows
  • Describing existing transport infrastructures within the investigated area
  • Assessing the usefulness of a cost-benefit-analysis as a prerequisite for a reactivation of a continuous route between Saalfeld and Hof.

The final report was published in Volume 8 of the Reports of the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute.


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