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Study of bicycle traffic in the area of the railway overbridge at Bahnhofstraße Erfurt

In the course of the re-opening and new design of Erfurt’s Central Station, the utilisation intensity has significantly increased through pedestrians, waiting passengers, various public transport, bicyclists, and other vehicles. The regulation of the traffic flows that was originally planned was not translated into action due to heavy public discussions. The town council ultimately imposed a ban on cycling in the Central Station’s tunnel. However, this prohibition interrupts the main route of urban and touristic bicycle traffic. Consequently, this solution is being criticized and disobeyed by many users as well. Against this background, the City of Erfurt commissioned the Transport and Spatial Planning Institute to lead a detailed analysis of the conflict and present possible solutions. These optional solutions shall provide the basis for a following objective discussion with those involved. Concerning the organisation of the traffic in the Central Station’s tunnel, a first examination of numerous optional solutions, from a continuation of the current ban for bicyclists to a complete opening for all users, has already taken place. For the purposes of integrated communal transport politics and with the help of professional moderation, the goal of finding a solution that enables consideration and safety among the different users in the Central Station’s tunnel should thus be a realisable one.

This report is available as IVR Band 4.

Project leader:
M. Gather

Contact person:

Mai 2009 - Juli 2009

Mobility concepts
Travel demand
Assessment of infrastructure

Travel survey


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