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Basic investigation and assessment of demand of a commuter car park concept for the Free State of Thuringia

The number of commuters has been constantly growing for years. A significant percentage of the working population is forced to travel quite long distances to their workplaces. As a result of this process, public and non-public (unauthorized) parking spaces near to the Autobahn are increasingly used by commuters who share their vehicle with other commuting employees, a phenomenon that can be observed in Thuringia as well. Considering a prospective further raise of the price of fuel, one can expect this habit to spread even more.

It is the aim of this research project to assess the demand for commuter car parks in Thuringia and first of all compare capacity (current supply) and demand. Basing on this information, a model of demand for commuter car parks will be developed. In collaboration with local authorities and the police, the generation of a state-wide concept which will specify existing and prospectively required car parks for commuters and calculate the costs will be taking place in a third step. Finally, concrete measures shall be taken into action, a process that will be planned and accompanied by the FH Erfurt as well.

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