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The Senate is the highest self-administration committee of the university. It is composed of professors, students and staff who are elected by free and secret ballot. The President is the Senate chairperson without a vote. 

The Senate in total comprises nine members with the right to vote. There are three persons of each group of university members. In affairs of research and teaching there are four more professors as members with the right to vote.

The Senate has the following responsibilities:

The Senate is to a high degree responsible for the constitution of the university's academic life. It is responsible for creating and further developing goals and strategies in the areas of courses and teaching and makes decisions (sometimes participating other committees) on

  • the charter as well as other articles and regulations,
  • the setting up, modification and annulment of courses and allocation of faculties,
  • the setting up, modification and annulment as well as the designation and internal structure of self-administering units,
  • etc.

Among other activities, the commitee gives its opinion on

  • Appointement proposals,
  • the annual report and

makes the agreement for example

  • before finishing the goals and performance agreements between the university and the Ministry,
  • on principles governing equipment and the distribution of materials.

The Senate participates in the election of the President/Rektor, the Chancellor and in determing the members of the University Council.

For further responsibilities see § 14 Charter of UAS Erfurt and § 35 Thuringian University Law (german!).

Hints to the organisational structure from 1st October 2019

Self-administration committees below the central committees at the UAS Erfurt are the Faculties. They are the organisational basic units of the university. Faculties can build specialized departments.

The dean, the vice-dean for academic affairs, the vice-dean for research and transfer as well as the managing director (if elected) build the Deanery as cooperative leading board of the faculty.

For Faculties led by Deans, the Faculty Board is the decisive committee in defining each teaching and research profile.

Every faculty builds at least one Examination Board and one Study Commission.

Coopeeration between the Faculties on one hand, and agreement between Faculties, university board and university administration on the other is carried out at the network level through task-related commissions.

Commission for Academic Affairs
Commission for Finance and Personnel Development
Commission for Research and Transfer

For composition and tasks of commissions see §§ 19-21 Charter of the UAS Erfurt.

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