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faculty of engineering in building and computer science


Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit


Since 29 June 2005 the Department of Engineering in Building and Computer Science has been divided into two branches of study,Applied Computer Science and Engineering in Building and Energy Technology. The department is the basic organisational unit and is headed up by a Dean. In the last semester approx. 560 students were registered on courses in the department.

Applied Computer Science

Studienrichtung Angewandte Informatik

The interdisciplinary Bachelor degree in "Applied Computer Science" was introduced in autumn 2000, with the consecutive Master starting in the winter semester 2003/04. The Bachelor's and Master's programmes offer specialist options in engineering, media and business informatics. Engineering informatics deals in particular with building automation and facility management, thus establishing a link between informatics and building service engineering. Teaching duties are undertaken by professors from different departments, including Applied Computer Science, and experienced computer scientists from businesses.

For administrative purposes the teaching and research element of Applied Computer Science forms part of the Department of Engineering in Building and Computer Science.

Engineering in Building and Energy Technology

Studienrichtung Gebäude- und Energietechnik

Launched in 1955, the training of heating, ventilation and sanitation engineers at the former School of Civil Engineering in Erfurt has been continued in line with new teaching programmes at the Department of Supply Engineering, newly founded in 1991. In 2005 its name was changed to Engineering in Building and Computer Science in order to underline the growing inportance of studies in applied computer science. The start of the 2003/04 winter semester saw the introduction of the new, tiered programmes in "Engineering in Building and Energy Technology".

Students enjoy the backing of the "Ingenieurschule für Bauwesen Erfurt e.V.“ sponsorship organisation. Based on its remit to foster and maintain traditions of engineer training in Erfurt, this promotes academic and practice-related engineer training and provides contacts with industrial firms, craft enterprises, planning offices and other employers. With 400 to 600 people in attendance, the annual alumni meetings underline the good relationship between the department and the sponsorship organisation. At the alumni meeting the sponsorship organisation presents an award for the top final-year performances.

Courses in engineering in building and energy technology and in supply engineering cover the traditional disciplines of heating, air-conditioning, gas, irrigation and drainage technology. The course content at UAS Erfurt offers further specialist options: future-oriented solutions to the problems of energy supply and utilisation, including an assessment of technological implications, are newly challenging fields of training and, as such, practice-oriented additions to the traditional focus areas.



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