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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Friends and Sponsors

The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt enjoys the support of nine sponsorship associations. These have made it their task to 

  • support research and teaching at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
  • promote communication between graduates, professors and students
  • encourage and maintain contact to business, authorities, institutions and interest groups

The university-wide sponsorship association is

In addition, there are nine department-related sponsorship associations:


Fundraising is a relatively new field of activity for universities in Germany.

In order to access additional resources on top of existing sources of funding (allocations from the state, research funds and other third-party funding), the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt also intends to develop fundraising activities in the future. Its efforts are supported by increasingly sophisticated marketing and, above all, high levels of quality in teaching, learning, continuing education and research.

For more information on fundraising in general and at universities in particular:

CHE Consult

The Executive Vice-President of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt is in charge of the fundraising efforts that have already been launched.

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