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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Mission statement of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt

Erfurt University of Applied Sciences provides practice-based teaching and research, coupled with advanced training provision, to support and develop applied sciences and arts.
High-quality tuition is the primary role of Erfurt University of Applied Sciences.
Erfurt University of Applied Sciences furthers interdisciplinary cooperation both inside and outside the university. It supports regional development and promotes international cooperation.
It ensures equality of opportunity for men, women and people with disabilities. It discharges its responsibilities to future generations by adhering to principles of sustainability in its work.
Erfurt University of Applied Sciences issues this mission statement as a description of its fundamental objectives and guidelines for its actions.

Quality and excellence in teaching and research

  • UAS Erfurt serves specifically to support and develop applied sciences and the arts through the provision of wide-ranging, diversified and high-quality teaching and study courses, coupled with applied and innovative research.
  • The targeted communication of established expertise and methodological skills at UAS Erfurt equips students with the skills they need for future careers and enhances their cultural, media and social skills together with the usual amenities of student life.
  • The practice-based approach of study courses is backed up by the continuous involvement of lecturers in research activities and collaborative projects in economics, politics and administration.
  • UAS Erfurt faces up to competition from universities by continually evaluating teaching at university, faculty and study course level. It uses systematic quality management methods to ensure the quality of teaching.

Diversity and interdisciplinarity

  • UAS Erfurt benefits from the diversity of its study courses and subsidiary cooperative partnerships as a special opportunity and strength.
  • UAS Erfurt is especially committed to broad-based interdisciplinary exchange and actively promotes this in teaching and research.
  • UAS Erfurt is an institution supported by all its members and associates, among whom it demands and promotes commitment, integration and ongoing training.
  • UAS Erfurt takes the opportunity to nurture gifted students in cooperation with other universities and, in so doing, to promote partnerships.

Sustainability and social responsibility

  • UAS assumes and imparts environmental responsibility. It is fundamentally committed to principles of sustainability.
  • It is the perceived duty of UAS Erfurt to ensure that men and women have the same opportunities for development and it follows the principle of gender mainstreaming to this end. It offers all members and associates equal opportunities for development. It also takes into consideration the special needs of people with disabilities in all areas, and ensures accessibility to study for all.
  • UAS Erfurt contributes to the social development of students. It actively supports the compatibility of family and study and of family and career.
  • UAS Erfurt makes special provision to enhance the study skills and abilities of young people from educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

Efficiency and transparency

  • UAS Erfurt combines academic autonomy with contemporary management methods and promotes internal university networking.
  • The faculties obtain funding based on a transparent performance and load-oriented award procedure, which recognises special achievements in teaching and research.
  • The administration of UAS Erfurt supports the faculties with transparent administration, which specifically facilitates cost-effective and efficient deployment of resources.
  • UAS Erfurt provides public access to its amenities and activities, the findings of its work and the fulfilment of its social responsibilities.
  • UAS Erfurt encourages contact among students, lecturers, staff and graduates. The basic principle of these contacts is partnership, tolerance and respect.

Catalyst of development in the region

  • UAS Erfurt promotes regional development through its provision of teaching, further education, academic services and research. Its establishment in the region is reinforced and consolidated by cooperative partnerships.
  • Provision and activities at UAS Erfurt are designed to take account of the challenges of demographic change. It supports measures to encourage young people to remain in, or return to, the region.
  • UAS Erfurt serves further education by providing advanced courses of study and training opportunities for interested citizens and participates in academic events organised by third parties.

Internationalism in teaching and research

  • The UAS Erfurt promotes international cooperation and exchange between German and foreign universities by setting up national and international partnerships in teaching and research.
  • UAS Erfurt provides for study conditions and final degrees which meet international standards and facilitate access to the international employment market.
  • It fosters respect for different cultures by developing the intercultural skills of students and lecturers.
  • UAS Erfurt takes into consideration the special requirements of foreign students.

This mission statement was unanimously approved by the Convention (the Senate since July 2008) of UAS Erfurt in its 33rd meeting on 2nd April 2008.

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