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Program schedule

One cycle in the "STEM+ Mentoring for University, Job & Career" scheme lasts six months (April - October). STEM+ Mentoring focuses on the transfer of knowledge and experience between mentee and mentor in one-to-one meetings (mentoring). In addition, there are workshops and networking opportunities for mentees in the accompanying program, which are also open to mentors who are still studying.

  • Mentoring: The cooperation between the mentee and the mentor can be arranged independently - objectives are agreed individually; meetings take place every 4-6 weeks according to agreement between mentor and mentee. In between, communication can be arranged by email or telephone (for short requests).
  • Workshops: The mentees are offered three attractive training courses, e.g. on careers and future planning, communication and management techniques etc. Exactly which workshops are offered depends on the interests of the participants and is determined at the beginning of the program by agreement within the group of mentees. Workshops
  • All project participants (i.e. all mentees and all mentors) are prepared for their role and cooperation in a preparatory workshop. This also gives all participants the opportunity to get to know each other.
  • Networks: iIn network meetings students and women from different technical professions can get to know each other, exchange experiences and make contacts, for example at the networking-evening "Frauen machen MINT".

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