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Experiences of former participants

The STEM mentoring program has helped me a lot in my personal development and in finding the right internship. I have had many stimulating conversations with my mentor, which have made me feel more confident about my choice of degree course and my personal future. In the many workshops with all the other mentees, we've learnt a lot and had a great time together. Looking back, I would definitely take part in the program again and can highly recommend it to others.

Annika (former mentee)

Before I decided to participate in the STEM mentoring scheme, I was both curious and hesitant. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the program. Now that I have successfully completed the program, I can recommend it without hesitation.  It was particularly interesting for me to meet established women from the professional world and hear about their experiences in their studies and daily work. Being taken to events and construction sites was a great opportunity to be a part of their everyday lives. I also got the chance to get a part-time job.  Even though I changed from my original mentor to an existing tandem, I did not perceive this as a setback but as a challenge. This experience has given my personality a boost, and I was also fortunate that Katrin Zirkel (the program coordinator) also became a mentor and always helped me with advice and support. Even long after the program, I can still contact the mentors if I have questions or need help.

Michaela (former mentee)

The STEM mentoring scheme is a unique opportunity to get a taste of the working world during your studies and to establish a broad network both within the University of Applied Sciences and beyond. During the meetings with my mentor, I was able to ask all the questions I had on my mind regarding my studies and later career opportunities and possibilities. Besides precisely matching mentor and mentee, this program also includes valuable workshops that address a wide range of useful topics. The time spent on the STEM mentoring program has been more than worthwhile for me and I can wholeheartedly recommend it to students from all disciplines at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt.

Jette (former mentee)

The mentoring scheme is very important to me and has helped me to develop both professionally and personally.Due to the different workshops I often had to think about things such as my personal strengths and weaknesses, which was an incredible challenge for me at first. But the scheme hasn't only helped me a lot in my professional life, it has also helped me to find out more about myself as an individual. I had the chance to meet a lot of new people, some of whom are still very dear to me today. By working with my mentor, I quickly became quite sure about the direction I wanted to go in and the field in which I wanted to do my work placement. She has provided me with valuable contacts and is still available to me at any time with help and advice. In my opinion, one can really only benefit from the mentoring program, and I would therefore advise everyone to take the opportunity to participate.

Nathaly (former mentee)

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