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The basic order

The Basic Order is the most important order of the UAS Erfurt. It describes the tasks, goals and the structure of the UAS.
It contains the regulations for cooperation, the structure and the responsibilities of the individual parts of the UAS and with this, the tasks of the faculties, the administration and unit resources.

Of special importance are the emergence, the composition and the task distribution of the democratic, autonomous organs.
The number and the tasks of representatives in the individual autonomous organs are fixed according to groups for the protection of the constitutional equivalence.

Guidelines against corruption

The selfless conducting of civil service business, considered with no personal advantage is one of the basics of the civil service.
Staff who accept gifts or rewards endanger the confidence of their reliability and harm the reputation of the civil service.

Any suspicion of corruption ( Anti-corruption guidelines) will be pursued and must therefore be reported to the anti-corruption representative and legal consequences followed on his advice.

Ban on acceptance of financial rewards or gifts

Employees are not permitted to accept Financial rewards or gifts related to their activities.

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