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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

How to deal with an accident

Notfallplan der FH Erfurt

With an emergency , rescuing your own life is the main focus. Please refer to the House rules of the UAS. In an emergency the following numbers are available:

  • Poison information centre: +49 361 730730

  • Ambulance: +49 361 7415115

  • Erfurt public services: +49 361 6719203

  • Gas supplies: +49 361 5641000

  • Electricity: +49 361 5643000

  • Water supplies: +49 361 51113

  • Technical house service: +49 361 74070-0

  • Watch / security: +49 361 6700-134, -146, -599

Dealing with theft

In case of a theft this is to be reported as quickly as possible to Department in the Altonaer Strasse 25, house 7. The scene of the crime should be disturbed as little as possible in order to be able to secure traces. The UAS usually accepts no liability for theft.

Each employee can prevent theft by simple means. So for example when leaving the job the desks and office doors must be locked and valuable articles kept secure.

The university is not responsible for the loss of private things.

Articles lost and found

Articles found on the property  of the UAS where their owner cannot be ascertained are to be deposited at Department.

If Department 4 is not occupied, the person employed at the gate at Altonaer Strasse 25 is to be informed.

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