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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Conduct in the event of inabiity to work

In the event of illness or inability to work, the place of work must be notified of any absence from work immediately, i.e. by 9.00 hrs at the latest.
The relevant faculty secretariat, the responsible departmental manager, in the central facilities the manager or the relevant representative, in non-departmental areas the office of the Head of Administration or the President must be notified. This is then forwarded to the Personnel Department. Should it not be possible to reach any of the stated points of contact, the Personnel Department must be notified directly of the absence.

Should the inability to work last longer than 3 calendar days, a medical note confirming unfitness for work and the expected duration is to be submitted to the Personnel Department by the following general working day at the latest.

Should the inability to work last longer than stated in the note, you are obliged to submit a new medical note immediately or confirm verbally that the new medical note will be submitted promptly.
The Personnel Department must also be notified, and given evidence of, absence from work to supervise and care for children.

The Personnel Department must be notified of a return to work after illness in writing or by telephone.

Should illness occur during a period of authorised leave, the employee must notify the office immediately of the inability to work.
It is not sufficient to present a medical certificate of unfitness for work when the period of leave has expired. The leave can only be considered to be interrupted and the authorised days of leave credited if the office has been promptly informed.

Infringement of the stated regulations may result in disciplinary action under employment or pubilc service laws.

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