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Secondary employment

The term secondary employment is open to wide interpretation, as any perceived activity undertaken outside a main job can have implications for this employment contract. In the same way, extensive involvement with a club or even helping neighbours on a house-building project can have an impact on performance and quality of work.

Employees to whose employment contract TV-L or TVÜ-L apply are obliged to declare all secondary employment in writing in advance.

A distinction is made for civil servants and professors between the duty to declare secondary employment which does not require authorisation or which is generally authorised, and the requirement for authorisation for all "remaining" secondary employment.
The following applies as a general rule of thumb: All paid activities outside contractually agreed working hours may only be undertaken with the prior consent of the employer.

All reports and requests for the issue of authorisation must be done in writing. The Secondary employment request must be submitted to the Personnel Department in good time, i.e. at least two months before starting secondary employment.

Under certain circumstances special obligations to deliver apply to secondary employment with public employers. In addition any possible use of university facilities, personnel or material within the framework of secondary employment may likewise need authorisation. If applicable, a user fee may apply to this. You can obtain further information about statutory regulation from the  Personnel Department.

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