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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

The Steering Committee

The senate of the UAS Erfurt selects the president and the vice-presidents on its proposal. Together with the chancellor they form the presidency of the UAS Erfurt. The presidency is responsible for the administration of the UAS.

The Steering Committee of the UAS

The autonomous committee (the Senate)

The central autonomous committee of the UAS Erfurt is the Senate. It consists of 15 voting members. The president holds the presidency.
The senate compiles recommendations for the university, resolutions of the basic and electoral law and works on topics such as the realisation of the household principles, university statute, the organisation of the university and much more besides.

The UAS Advisory

The role of the UAS Advisory of the UAS Erfurt is to advise the university with the fulfilment of its tasks with consideration of national and international developments in higher education. It participates in the university development planning, the organsiation of the university as well as in the setting up and abolition of courses of studies. Beyond that it provides comment on the emphasis of the household registration, to the principles of the internal university central distribution, to the scientific profile and for the evaluation of study, teachings and research.

The Staff Council

The Staff Council is a selected organ of participation. It ensures, together with the head of the department that all members of the UAS Erfurt are treated equitably and according to the law. The personnel representation ensures among other things that the laws and regulations in the university are set in favour of the persons employed.

Further representation of interests

A Representative at the UAS Erfurt is tasked with the goal of avoiding disadvantages and handicaps and of ensuring equal development chances for all staff on the job.


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