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The key system

The use of keys for office premises, doors etc. is governed by the UASE key guidelines.

Every university employee receives from Department 4 the keys he needs to carry out his duties. This is provisional upon confirmation of this requirement from the relevant manager.

Keys that are no longer required are to be returned promptly to Key administration in D 4.

Department 4 must be notified in writing immediately of the loss of a key. The circumstances in which the key was lost must be described in detail. The recipient may be made liable to recourse for any costs arising.

Some rooms are equipped with electronic locks. The technical solution uses transponders, which identify the relevant system. As a rule, rights of access are implemented centrally by officers responsible for the key system.
This procedure is governed by guidelines for transponders and access rights to UASE premises and buildings - Leitfaden für den Umgang mit Transpondern und Zutrittsberechtigungen zu den Räumen und Gebäuden der FHE.

The request for right of access Antrag auf die Zutrittsberechtigung is to be submitted to the key administrator in Department 4. Transponders can also be requested here. In principle, the relevant line managers authorise access to premises allotted for use.

The loss of a transponder must be reported promptly in writing. This is then deleted on the system for a fee and replaced by a new one.

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