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Using the university telephone system

Members of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt are provided with telephones for communication. The telephone is there primarily for the purposes of official business.
Private conversations may be conducted on the telephone under certain conditions. For these please refer to the service agreement on the use of telecommunications (telephone regulations).

In line with the telephone regulations, specific data from a telephone call are stored and analysed to record communication costs. The stored data serve exclusively to determine costs.
In addition, a distinction is made between official and private calls for reasons of data protection and cost.
The PIN (personal identification number) is used to make this distinction. It is to be entered prior to the target number and ensures that the data needed to calculate and bill private telephone calls can be recorded. A PIN must be requested from the property management department. As all charges are allocated to the holder it must be protected against misuse and kept in a safe place.

The charges allocated to a PIN are billed every quarter as soon as they exceed 5.00 €.

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