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Erfurt University of Applied Science


Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

The UAS Erfurt

The UAS Erfurt was created in 1991 with the goal of the care and the development of science and the arts through research, teachings, study and further training.

It developed from the school of engineering for building industry as well as the school of engineering for horticulture and since then has followed the many years of university tradition in Germany.

At present about 4,500 people are studying here, whereby the portion of students amounts to approx. 50%.

Approx. 148 professors as well as scientific staff and employees are busy with the training of the students and further scientific tasks of the UAS. About 215 further employees and staff are employed with tasks, such as support in teaching and research, in the rector’s office and the central administration, in different institutes, in which university library entrusts as well as at the university computer centre and in the workshop. The total number of employees thus amounts to approximately 370 persons. Of which approx. 46% are female.

The students of the UAS are trained in 6 faculties at present in a large number of different courses of studies for the Bachelors and Masters degrees at different locations in Erfurt.

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Family-friendly university

It is a particular challenge for universities to become family-friendly, in other words to make it easier for students to combine study and family, and for workers to combine career and family. A university requires and facilitates different solutions to, for instance, production businesses or the services sector. Wide-ranging differences in the structure of teaching and research, varying demands on time and personnel in the academic sphere, in administration and in studying make standardised rules difficult. And there is a limit to how far universities can be compared.

For this reason the UAS Erfurt has decided to undergo an audit as a family-friendly university, so that the compatibility of study and family, or career and family, can be improved by taking structured, targeted measures over and above those already in place.

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The campus of the UAS

The campus of the UAS with the Civil Engineering and Conservation & Restoration, Social Studies, Economics as well as Building Services Engineering and Informatics faculties are located in the accommodation of the Krämpfervorstadt in the Altonaer Strasse. In addition, the Chair and the central administration, the university library, the language centre, the university computer centre and the workshop for scientific tool-making are located here.

Here are also the newly established laboratory halls, named after the former rector, Professor Dr. Storm. At present a new lecture hall and laboratory building are being built, which should be completed for the winter semester 2008/2009.

Those studying at the Architecture faculty are trained in the old “Königliche(n) Baugewerkschule” building in the Schlüterstraße.

In the east of the city of Erfurt are the classrooms, laboratories, greenhouses and open spaces of the so-called Green Area; the landscape architecture, horticulture and forestry faculties. This consists of the courses of landscape architecture, horticulture as well as forestry and ecosystem management.

Those employed in Economics teach and research at the Steinplatz.

Building plan of the UAS Erfurt

Building plan

Opening times of the buildings

Monday to Friday

Altonaer Straße 25: 06:00 - 22:00

Leipziger Straße 77: 06:30 - 22:00

Schlüterstraße 1: 06:00 - 22:00

Steinplatz 2: 06:30 - 20:00

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