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Understanding science in cooperation with other institutions

Is it possible to undertand science if you are not a scientist? It only depends on how well it's communicated!

The UAS Erfurt, in cooperation with other institutions, gives you a glimpse of the "Adventure of Science".
Education and research, new findings and hitherto-unexplained phenomena are explained in easy-to-understand terms to young and old alike through presentations, lectures, workshops and guided experiments.

Children's University

The UAS Erfurt, now in cooperation with Erfurt University and  the Erfurt Helios Clinic, has been running a Children's University since 2003. Children between 6 and 12 can learn about medical, social, natural science and technical subjects in lectures, workshops, seminars and excursions specially designed for them. The lecturers gladly answer their questions. In events such as "Did you hear the thunder and see the lightning? Physical experiments to help your understanding", "How do you learn?" or "Is there such a thing as a soul?" they learn something new, discover science by having fun and get that "university feeling". 

The organisers of the Erfurt Children's University are supported in their efforts by the Thuringian Ministry of Culture. The various offerings are treated as tuition and are therefore not time taken out from school attendance. This means that not only can entire classes register, but also individual children who are intersted in a particular subject.
Since 2006 the Children's University enjoys the patronage of Prof. Dr. Jens Goebel, the Thuringian Minister of Culture.

The Long Night of Science in Erfurt

In 2007,  First Long Night of Science in Erfurt offered science to get to grips with for both young and old.

The UAS Erfurt, in cooperation with the Helios Clinic, the Cultural Directorate of the Erfurt City Administration and Erfurt University, offered the First Long Night of Science in Erfurt to those interested.
Young and old persons could take a look behind the scenes of the institutions and companies participating. Presentations of the latest research work, coupled with carrying out one's own experiments, meant everyone learned a lot and discovered surprising cross-connections in this "smartest night of the year".
The second event was in 2009. The 3th "Long Night of Science in Erfurt" you can visit on november 4th in 2011.

Erfurt Children's University

Why rabbits don't need glasses (with Prof. Dr. Winfried Mann)

First Long Night of Science in Erfurt, 27.04.2007

Erfurt's Lord Mayor in the "Virtual Worlds" laboratory
Erfurt's Lord Mayor in the "Virtual Worlds" laboratory (Photo: Kristin Thieme)

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