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Centre for construction of scientific devices and services


Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit


The following pictures should give a little insight into the technical equipment of the Centre for construction of scientific devices and services. For safety reasons, the operation of these machines only by authorized employees.

sizable picture of a test panel in the room ZW.U.10

room ZW.U.10

Here are the jobs, testing, measurement and power supplies of electrical trades and electronic media.

sizable picture from room ZW.U.11

room ZW.U.11

The equipment includes the workbenches and testing of hvs and mechanics.

sizable picture of a cycle-controlled lathe in the room ZW.U.12

room ZW.U.12

Facilities include a CNC milling machine and various grinding, drilling and turning machines (up to 1000 mm length). Here primarily affect the mechanics.

sizable picture from room ZW.U.14

room ZW.U.14

The machinery includes one grinding, drilling and milling machine and various band saws and circular saws, work and paning benches. Here, the mechanics and model builders work.

A separate Model-building room of students from all disciplines can be used.

sizable picture from room ZW.U.15

room ZW.U.15

The inventory consists of one belt sander, jointer and planer, router, circular saw and planing bench. It is used for the performance of carpentry.

sizable picture from room ZW.U.16

room ZW.U.16

In the sheet processing and welding room sits one stroke scissors, sand blasting apparatus and various welding equipment (for autogenous welding, electrical, MAG, TIG and spot welding). Users are the trades hvs and mechanics.

sizable picture of a CNC milling machine in the room ZW.U.23

room ZW.U.23

At the two CNC mills, the specially trained mechanic work. They are primarily used to create 3D models. Different labeling tasks can also be done.

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