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FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

What are the entrance requirements? Do I need a university degree?

Further education courses are open to higher-education degree holders and to applicants who have gained suitable professional or other qualifications. Selection is done on the basis of an assessment of specialised knowledge, professional experience and the level of the highest educational qualification.


Do I have accident insurance at the university?

Persons attending career-based further education courses within the framework of an employment contract (on the instructions of, or in the interests of, the company) are insured against accident by law in their capacity as employees. This lies within the jurisdiction of the company concerned. Other persons are insured against accident through the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt in their capacity as "students in career-based education and training".


Are my further education costs tax-deductible?

Yes. If your employer orders further education or sees and supports (but does not fund) the necessity for further education, then expenditure may be offset against income-related expenses. If you attend a course of study outside your pursued career, then you may offset expenditure against special expenses. More detailed information may be obtained from the relevant finance offices and / or tax advisors.


What is meant by in-service training?

Courses take the form of study days, usually held on two days once a month (Friday / Saturday). Block lectures and trips are also scheduled in for some courses of study every semester.


Can I gain a university degree? (What qualifications do I obtain?)

No. On successful completion of the course of study you are duly awarded a certificate of professional qualification from the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt giving a precise description of course contents.


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