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RRZN Handbooks

Containing up-to-date instructions and documentation on many subjects related to data processing, RRZN handbooks are published by the Regional Computer Centre for Lower Saxony (RRZN) at the University of Hannover within the framework of a partnership between German universities and are available at cost price.

They may be handed out to students and staff only of universities in Germany and are intended exclusively for personal use. They may not be transferred to other groups of people (schools, businesses, private individuals etc.).

RRZN handbooks are sold in the university library:

Monday - Friday from 10 - 12 hrs


The RRZN publications are the result of close cooperation between universities of applied sciences and universities in the German-speaking world. This self-help can only work in the long term if all universities contribute their fair share (proofread, co-produce own texts etc.).

For RRZN information on this go to:  Cooperation, Lectors

We ask all interested parties (professors, lecturers, students) to contribute, so that our UAS may continue to benefit from this cooperation.

Stand: 03.01.2017


The selection of titles offered by the UAS is based on user demand and availability at the RRZN. You can indicate your interest in additional titles from the RRZN handbook series by email to Karola Eitner (HSB) or Heidrun Sturm (HRZ).

For information on contents, extracts, practice files and assessments relating to RRZN documentation go to RRZN.

Please do not address any individual enquiries to the RRZN in Hannover!

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