Restoration and development of tsunami affected areas in Indonesia

FH Erfurt, University of Applied Sciences, Germany: Department of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering

Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia: Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Background & mission:

Since several years fruitful contacts exist between the University of Applied Sciences and the Technical High School Bandung (ITB). Students of both universities already joint this cooperation program by attending courses or internships in Erfurt or Bandung. A recent and long- ranged 'Flood Restoration Project' was launched by the departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Main objective of the project is to initiate a good practical study for the reconstruction of tsunami affected coastal regions/ settlements in Indonesia in which cross- sectoral strategies of sustainable development will be elaborated.

The consideration of settlement patterns, constructional issues, landscape ecological and nature conservation aspects are of central importance. Problem statements evolved during the first workshop will be focused by students of both universities and deepened within their diploma, master thesis's or additional projects. Joint field investigations in the survey area took place in January and July 2006 and a concluding project presentation is planned for January 2007.


  1. January 2006: 1st field trip to Banyuwangi, Kampong Pancer, East Java by ITB students
  2. February, 2006: Workshop on development of design Ideas for Kampong Pancer
  3. May, 2006: Presentation and discussion of design ideas by the students of ITB
  4. July 2006: 2nd field trip to Banyuwangi, Kampong Pancer, East Java for both universities
  5. August - January 2006: Development of design ideas and spatial planning for Kampong Pancer and preparation of final paper
  6. January 2007: final symposium in Erfurt (30.1. and 31.1.07)