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About us

The study of conservation and restoration at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt is practice-oriented, interdisciplinary, regionally networked and internationally oriented.

Since 1994, the year it was founded, the conservation and restoration course has successfully trained graduate restorers for over thirteen years until 2007. Since then, the range of courses has been restructured as part of the so-called Bologna process, which aims to standardize Europe-wide university studies. Since the winter semester 2007, the department has been offering the consecutive Bachelor's and Master's degree with a corresponding B.A. and M.A. degree. Based on the good experiences of the diploma course, the teaching is again strongly interdisciplinary and relates to the six restoration study focuses of the subject:

Archaeological heritage and handicraft object
Wall Painting and architecture painting
Stained glass and glass objects
Sculptural work and stone architecture
Technical cultural asset

The department has a generously equipped scientific laboratory. In addition, each individual course focus is assigned a separate, bright and spacious workshop with the latest equipment and materials.

Prerequisites for admission to the course are a preliminary internship and the successful completion of an annual proficiency test.


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Fax: 0361 6700-766

Ms. Mag. art. Ute Lorenz
Student counseling
Tel.: 0361 6700-711

Student Council

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