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Welcome to the Homepage of the Department of Conservation and Restoration at the UAS Erfurt

Ever since its foundation in 1994, the Department of Conservation and Restoration has trained around 400 students from Germany and abroad to become specialists who are now mainly active in the museum and heritage conservation sector, but also to some extent in research and teaching. The discipline is strongly rooted in the region around Erfurt and in the Free State of Thuringia, but is also broadly positioned nationally and internationally [Links to "Restorations in Germany and abroad" / "Symposium" / "Cooperations" / "Theses"]. For the city of Erfurt, it recently restored a number of Jewish gravestones from the Middle Ages as well as the culturally and historically significant "Raum mit der Blumendecke” (Room with the Flower Ceiling, 13th century), which is on the city of Erfurt's tentative list for its application to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Department has a highly specialised natural science laboratory at its disposal, which also works for domestic and foreign institutions.

While the German-language BA- and MA-Courses are currently being phased out, an international, English-language MA-Course has been conceived and already submitted as a draft to the relevant university committees. With a maximum use of resources, the cooperation with the chairs of "Restoration Sciences", "Digital Monument Technologies", "Conservation of Monuments", "Collections-Based History of Knowledge and Culture", "Museology" at the universities of Bamberg, Weimar, Erfurt and the HTWK Leipzig promises to be a forward-looking forum for interdisciplinary, international and transnational teaching - in short: a "Campus Mitteldeutschland".

Department of Conservation and Restoration - where studying is creative!

  • Respect, but not afraid of the original - Practical projects with original art and cultural asstes under competent guidance!
  • Interdisciplinary teachingCombining restoration science with humanities and natural sciences = Knowledge ready for application!
  • Market-oriented - Teaching in a second restoration specialism as well as restoration management and preventive conservation in the  Master Course


Please use the navigation bar on the left to find out more about us (Portrait), the restoration studies at the FH Erfurt (Study) and our scientific facilities (Laboratory) and to gain an insight into our work.

Archaeological heritage and handicraft objects
Stained glass and objects made of glass
Sculptural sculptures and architecture made of stone
Technical cultural asset
Wall Paintings and decorated architectural surfaces

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