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Student Council Conservation and Restauration

The interests of students in the bachelor and master's degree programs in conservation and restoration
are represented by a student council in accordance with the statutes of the University of Applied Sciences.
The tasks, choice and composition of the student council are determined by the Rules of the Student Council dated November 9, 2011. The students are also represented on the Faculty Council and the Examination board.

Student representatives, as of March 2021


Gunreben, Luisa E-Mail

Hauke, Cora E-Mail

Zeulner, Julia E-Mail

Student representation in the Examination Board

Cannot be named.

Student representation in the study committee

Cannot be named.


You can reach us at any time at our personal email addresses and at fskr@n o - s p a m
During the lecture period after prior appointment in room 1.2.27 and in the project weeks, we can be found daily in the workshops of the specialty.
Of course we can also be found on  Facebook.

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