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Frequently Asked Questions
We are trying our best to make the application process as easy as possible. In this section you find a list of questions which may help you with your application.
  1. Application
  2. Financing and Scholarship
  3. Travel information
  4. In Erfurt
  5. Credits

Q: Who should apply for the Summer School?
A: The Summer School is targeted at business students. However students from other faculties are welcome to apply.

Q: I am an undergraduate student in my first or second semester. Does that mean I cannot apply for the Summer School?
A: Students in their first or second semester are welcome to apply for the Summer School.
Q: Is the Summer School for students only?
A: To apply for the Summer School, students have to prove enrolment at a university.

Q: Do I need a letter of recommendation for my application?
A: There is no letter of recommendation required.


Q: When do I have to send my application form?
A: The application deadline is 15 April, 2018! Applications have to reach our office by that date!

Q: How can I apply?
A: There are three ways to send the application back to us:
Via email:
1. Fill out the form on this homepage and press the button "SUBMIT". Your application will be sent directly to us or
2. Open the registration form and save it as a copy on your computer. Open the copy, fill it out, save it and send it as an attachment via email to Kristin Thieme (k.thieme@fh-erfurt.de).
3. Via fax:
Press the button "PRINT" on this homepage and send back the printed registration form via FAX.
Q: What kind of documents do I have to send with my application?
A: Please look at the application section where you will find more details regarding the required application documents.
Q: When will I get the information whether I was selected or not?
A: You receive a confirmation of enrolment shortly after submitting the application.

Q: How many students can participate in the Summer School?
A: We admit up to 40 participants.

Financing and Scholarship

Q: How much will I have to pay for attending the Summer School?
A: We charge a participation fee of 395 €/ per person.
The fee includes: lectures, guided tours, company visits, selected framework program, get-together, mid-term ceremony and farewell-party, accommodation in hostels (shared rooms), lunch in the student cafeteria and a ticket for public transport in Erfurt.
The fee does not cover travel costs from your home university to Erfurt and back. It does not cover breakfast or a evening meal. Additional program such as weekend trips or special evening events must be paid separately.


Q: Is there a chance of getting a grant to cover the tuition fee and my travel costs?
A: We cannot offer any scholarship this year. Please check with your local university or check scholarship programs for funding possibilities.

Q: When will I have to pay the tuition fee?
A: After the selection process, the selected students will receive further information (account numbers, due date to pay the tuition etc.) from us. Only full payment guarantees valid registration.
In Erfurt

Q: What are the rooms like at the hostels?
A: There will be 3-bedrooms and 4-bedrooms for all students.

Q: What language proficiency is needed? Are German skills required?
A: The Summer School will be held in English. In order to follow the lectures and cultural programs, participants should have a good command of English. However, we do not require an official language certificate (e.g. TOEFL). It is not necessary to speak German. A short german language course is included in the program.

Q: Does the Summer School offer insurance for participants?
A: No. Participants are obliged to obtain adequate insurance before they leave their home country.

Q: What kind of clothes should I bring along?
A: Casual clothes are fine for most of the activities like lectures and site visits. For hiking, sneakers are recommended. In June the weather in Erfurt can be unsettled sometimes. The average temperature in June is about 75° Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius). Shorts and T-Shirts as well as a medium jacket and a sweater are highly recommended.
Q: Do I need to bring my laptop with me?
A: Of course you can, but even if you do not, you can use the computers on campus for free.
Q: Do I have access to the internet?              
A: Yes. If you have a laptop, tablet or mobile phone with a WiFi option you can use the wireless network of the university.
Travel Information

Q: Do I need a visa and a passport?
A: Yes, a passport is necessary for the company visits and for entering Germany. Citizens from the European Union and the USA can enter Germany with their passport, they do not need a visa. Citizens from other countries should check, if a visa is required. Therefore, please have a look at the website of the German Department of Foreign Affairs.


Q: How much money should I bring along?
A: This depends on how much you spend in bars, restaurants, clubs, shops, etc. With EUR 250 to EUR 350 you should be fine. 

Q: Can I use my credit card in Erfurt?
A: You can use your credit cards (Master/Visa/Amex) in all major stores in Erfurt. You can also withdraw money from your account at all banks. But it is not common in Germany to pay small amounts with credit card. So please make sure you bring some money in cash or travel cheques.
Q: Can I use my mobile phone in Germany?
A: Mobile phone providers in Germany use the GSM 900/1800 standard, so you need to check if your cell phone is compatible. (Just call your service provider and they can advise you.) In that case, you can buy a prepaid card in Germany, or go to an internet cafe or a call shop. In general these rates are cheaper than the roaming of your provider.

Q: Will I have time for traveling and sightseeing?
A: The Summer School offers you several excursions. In addition, your facultative days, on the weekend, give you the possibility to organize a day-tour on your own. You may wish to extend your time in Germany or Europe by traveling before or after the program.

Q: What is the voltage in Germany?
A: In Germany, the voltage is 220V. If you want to use electric devices like hair-dryers, chargers etc. which operate with 110V, please make sure you bring along a converter or, if possible, switch the device to 220V.

Q: Will I receive ECTS credits and a certificate after the Summer School?
A: At the end of the Summer School you will receive a certificate of completion (incl. 3 ECTS Credit Points).