URBIO Presidium & Advisory Board

The URBIO Presidium is elected by the URBIO Advisory Board every 4 years. During the 4th URBIO conference 2014 in Incheon, Korea, Haripriya Gundimeda was elected as President of the network. In the tradition of the network the organiser of the latest URBIO conference is designated Secretary General – currently and up to 2016 Namchoon Kim from the Dankook University Cheonan, Korea holds this position. Since November 2014 the URBIO network has three Vice Presidents and Deputy Vice Presidents, each presiding over a main topic of the network and with special tasks within the board. Further holds the network four Senior Advisors. The Advisory Board supports the Presidium in their work. The URBIO Advisory Board usually meets at URBIO conferences and workshops.


URBIO Presidium

URBIO President

Main representative of URBIO and contact to SCBD and the Global Partnership. Responsible for the organisation of the whole network including the URBIO Newsletter und the conferences.

  Haripriya Gundimeda
Conference Organiser URBIO 2012
Secretary General 2012-2014
Mumbai India
URBIO Secretary General

Organiser of the last URBIO conference, bringing the URBIO Declaration to the Biodiversity Summit at the CBD COP. Responsible editor for publishing the conference results. Holding contact to the currently CBD COP leading Government.

  Nam Choon Kim

Dankook University /

Korean Society of Environmental Restoration Techniques (KOSERT)


Conference Organiser URBIO 2014
Cheonan Korea
URBIO Vice Presidents & Deputy Vice Presidents
Vice President Urban Biodiversity & Ecosystem services

Representing the network in the scientific community for Urban Biodiversity and Ecosystem services. Supporting the URBIO conference organisers in the summarisation and publication of the conference results. Contribution to URBIO Newsletter.

  Glenn H. Stewart

Lincoln University /

President of Southern Connection

Christchurch New Zealand
Deputy Vice President Urban Biodiversity & Ecosystem services
  Peter Werner

Institute for Housing and Environment /

President of Competence Network Urban Ecology (CONTUREC)


Conference Co-Organiser URBIO 2008

Darmstadt Germany
Vice President Landscape Design & Urban Planning

Representing the network in the scientific community for Landscape Design and Urban Planning. Technical and scientific advice / support of the respective URBIO conference organisers, organisation of the Student Poster Competition. Contribution to URBIO Newsletter.

  Maria Ignatieva

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Uppsala Sweden
Deputy Vice President Landscape Design & Urban Planning
  Mahito Kamada

University of Tokushima


Conference Co-Organiser URBIO 2010

Secretary General 2010-2012

Tokushima Japan
Vice President Communication & Participation

Preparation and distribution of the URBIO letter in cooperation with President and other Vice Presidents. Administration of the URBIO website including all conference websites. Responsible for drafting the URBIO Declaration together with the Presidium.

  G. David Maddox

Urban Oikos /

The Nature of Cities

New York USA
Deputy Vice President Communication & Participation
  Chantal van Ham

European Union Representative Office of IUCN


IUCN Representative

Brussels Belgium
URBIO Senior Advisors

Advice and support of the Presidium.

  Thomas Elmqvist

Stockholm University /

Stockholm Resilience Centre


Head Scientist Cities and Biodiversity Outlook

Stockholm Sweden
  Yukihiro Morimoto

Kyoto University


Conference Organiser URBIO 2010

Kyoto Japan
   Norbert Müller

University of Applied Sciences Erfurt


URBIO Founder & President 2008-2014

Conference Organiser URBIO 2008

Erfurt Germany
  Charles H. Nilon

University of Missouri


Head Scientist UrbioNet

Columbia USA

URBIO Advisory Board

Representing the URBIO members and corresponding networks. Selection of the presidium. Support of the Presidium in its work, especially preparing the URBIO newsletter, conferences, workshops, publications, reviewers for publications, conference chairs etc.

   Tong Mahn Ahn

Seoul National University /


Seoul Korea
   Pippin M. Anderson

University of Cape Town /

African Centre for Cities

Cape Town South Africa
  Lena Chan National Biodiversity Centre Singapore Singapore
  Sarel Cilliers North-West University Potchefstroom South Africa
  Oliver Hillel Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity Montréal Canada
  Mark E. Hostetler University of Florida Gainesville USA
  Sangjun Im

Seoul National University

Seoul Korea
  Keitaro Ito

Kyushu Institute of Technology

Kitakyushu Japan
  Ryo Kohsaka

Kanazawa University Graduate School of Human and Socio- Environmental Studies

Kanazawa Japan
  Ian MacGregor-Fors Instituto de Ecología, A.C. Xalapa Mexico
  Andre Mader

Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD)


SCBD Representative

Montréal Canada
  Mark McDonnell

Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology

Melbourne Australia
  Choong-Hyeon Oh

Dongguk University

Seoul Korea
  Shela J. Patrickson

ICLEI Cities and Biodiversity Centre Cape Town


ICLEI Representative

Cape Town South Africa
  Troy Pickard

Mayor of the City of Joondalup /



ICLEI Representative

Joondalup Australia
  Robbert Snep

Urban-Rural Interactions Landscape Centre /


Wageningen The Netherlands
  Wayne C. Zipperer USDA Forest Service Gainesville USA