URBIO 2014 Keynote Lectures

By courtesy of the authors the keynote lectures of the URBIO 2014 conference in Incheon are available as PDF to view and download on this website. Please be aware that all rights remain with their respective owners.

Towards a Research Agenda on Urban Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Design (3,67MB)
Prof. Norbert Müller - URBIO President, Department of Landscape Management and Restoration Ecology, University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, Germany
Restoring Urban Waterfronts to Increase Ecological Services: a Rising Tide
Prof. Steven Handel - Director, Center for Urban Restoration Ecology, Rutgers University, USA
Urban Waters; Ecosystem Services, Design and People’s Perception (4,63MB)
Prof. Jürgen Breuste - President of the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE), Paris-Lodron University Salzburg, Austria
Respect of the Urban Green and the Techniques to Connect Green (2,01MB)
Prof. Shozo Shibata - President of the Japanese Society of Revegetation Technology, Kyoto University, Japan
The Power of Doing: The Case for Creating Local Examples of Green Practices in Cities
Prof. Mark Hostetler - Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, University of Florida, USA
Always Keep a Window in Life
Dr. Tang Hsien Po - Community-based landscape planner, Director of Tarzan Natural Education Society, Taiwan
Restoration of Urban Waterways as a Green Infra (5,61MB)
Dr. Woo Hyoseop - Korean Society of Ecology and Infrastructure Engineering, Korea (Former President of Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology)
Green Buildings for Sustainable Urban Environment
Prof. Lee Eun Heui - Dept. of Horticultural Science and Landscape Architecture Seoul Women’s University, Korea (Former President of Korea Green Roof & Infrastructure Association)
Building Urban Biodiversity for Local Economy (113MB, .ppsx)
Dr. Je Jong Geel - Mayor of Ansan, City and Nature Institute, Korea (Chair of Korea Protected Area Forum and Ecotourism Korea, Member of the 17th National Assembly)
Urban Biodiversity in the Environmental Law System
Dr. Chun Jaekyong - CEO of National Nature Trust (in Korea), CEO of Social Capital Institute, Adjunct Professor of Seoul National University, Korea