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Faculty of Business, Logistics and Transport


Welcome at University of Applied Sciences Erfurt!

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Dmitrij and Anton from the Omsk State Railway University (OmGUPS) in Russia, who wrote their dissertations here in 2008, report about their experiences (in the Russian language, PDF approx. 9MB).

Are you interested in studying at the Faculty Business Logistics and Transport of the FH Erfurt - University of Applied Sciences?

With approx. 1,300 students and 35 professors, the Business Logistics Transport faculty (WLV) is currently the largest faculty of FH Erfurt – University of Applied Sciences. The faculty evolved in 2008 during the merging of the Transport and Communications department with the Business Sciences department. The offered courses of study are listed based on the specialized fields Traffic and Transportation and Business Sciences.
If you would like to complete a study program at the FH Erfurt – University of Applied Sciences, you can apply either for a semester abroad exchange program or as a fulltime student. Upon successful completion of the final exams, FH Erfurt awards graduates internationally recognized Bachelor degrees or Master degrees.
Further information about the following topics can be found here:

•   Studying in Erfurt

•   Language Center of FH Erfurt

•   Integration Projects of FH Erfurt

•   International Summer School of FH Erfurt

•   Activities of international program coordinators

•   Contact persons

International Programme Coordinators

Prof. Dr. Steffen Schwarz

Steinplatz 2, 99085 Erfurt
Room 713

Tel: +49(0)361 6700-169
Fax: +49(0)361 6700-152
e-mail: schwarz@no -

Prof. Dr. Klaus Merforth

Steinplatz 2, 99085 Erfurt
Room 513

Tel: +49(0)361 6700-178
Fax: +49(0)361 6700-152
e-mail: merforth@no -

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