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Faculty of Business, Logistics and Transport


Study Commissions

The Faculty of Business, Logistics and Transport has a study commission for each of its two departements, Transport and Communications and Business Administration. The specific duties of the study commissions are to ensure compliance with study and examination regulations, to ensure that students are advised on course content and to ensure that teaching provision is complete and in due form.

Study Commission Transport and Communications



50-50 StKo VT

Study Commission Business Administration



englisch: 50-50 StKo W

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Henning Müller

Prof. Dr. Christian Foos

Phone: +49 361 6700-167
E-mail: christian.foos@no -

Student Members

Tino Hagenbring, 5. term Business Administration
Julia Gölitz, 3. term Business Management
Stefanie Fliedner, 3. term Finance & Accounting
Vanessa Weigelt, 1. term Business Administration

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