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Transport and Communications


Prof. Dr. Florian Heinitz - Introduction


Transport Economics

Undergraduate Courses to be Taught

Wirtschaftsingenieur/-in für Verkehr, Transport und Logistik (B.Eng.) Wirtschaftsingenieur/-in für Eisenbahnwesen (B.Eng.)
Wirtchaftsingenieruwesen CDHAW (B.Eng.)

  • Introduction to Operations Research
  • Introduction to Transport Economics
  • Optimization in Logistics
  • Air Transport Economics (English-language offer)
  • Course Project

Graduate courses to be Taught

M.Sc. Verkehr und Transport  /  M.Eng. Materialfluss und Logistik

  • Decision Theory and Supportive Technologies
  • Introduction to PTV VISUM ("Traffic Management" sub-module)
  • Applied Transport Economics (English-language offer)
  • Air Transport (English-language offer)
  • Modelling Transport
  • Course Project
  • Master Graduates' Seminar


  • 2004 to date Professor of Transport Economics, Transport and Communications Department, Erfurt University of Applied Sciences
  • Principal Consultant , PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting Services, based in Munich, Germany
  • Research Associate, Transport and Communications Section, IWW Institute for Economic Policy Research, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Higher Education: Dr. rer. pol. (~ Ph.D. Economics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 1999), Dipl.-Physiker (~ MSc/Hons. Physics, Minor: Computer Sciences, Philipps University Marburg, 1995) with undergraduate studies at the University of Stuttgart, 1991-1993
  • Community Service: Nursery Assistant, Intensive Care at Leipzig University Medical Center 1990-91
  • Visiting Appointments with Laboratoire Mobilité Réseaux Territoires Environnement (MRTE) Université de Cergy-Pontoise (2017), R.H.Smith School of Business, University of Maryland (2014), ITS Summer Professional Program MIT Cambridge (1997), Centre de Recherche sur les Transports (CRT) University of Montreal (1996),  Deutsche Bahn AG Network Planning Department, Mainz and Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy (1995), Neurocybernetics Dpt. TH/TU Ilmenau (1988-90,1994), Guest Lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (1999- ), Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (2006-15), and European Training Centre for Railway Management Brugge (1998)
  • Academic Honours & Grants: Etienne Laspeyres Prize (2002), Transportation Research Scholarship of the Krupp Foundation (1997), Heraeus Foundation Prize for outstanding graduates in physics (1996)

Areas of Expertise & Research Interests

  • Economics and analytics of transportation strategies
  • Travel supply-demand modelling / customer analytics
  • Next-gen mobility solutions, particularly in rural regions
  • Decision support systems and tools in the transportation sector
  • Air transport, particularly air freight modelling in time-expanded networks

Applied Research & Knowledge Transfer

Recent Publications

  • Heinitz, F. & Schaefer, M.D. (2020): Current Options and Limitations Implementing Demand-Responsive Public Transport in a Rural County. 19th International Conference on Transport Science, Portoroz (accepted)
  • Heinitz, F. (2020): Potenziale und Hemmnisse für Pkw-Fahrgemeinschaften in Deutschland. RechtSInnMobil - Final Report Part 5. UBA-Texte Dessau/Berlin (forthcoming)
  • Heinitz, F. (2020): Carpooling und Vanpooling in den USA.  RechtSInnMobil Final Report Part 4. UBA-Texte Dessau/Berlin (forthcoming)
  • Heinitz, F. (2020): Vertiefende Analyse der Vor- und Nachteile von P+R. RechtSInnMobil - Final Report Part 3. UBA-Texte, Dessau/Berlin (forthcoming)
  • Heinitz, F.; Behrendt, L.; Schäfer, O. (2019): Case Study of Collaborative Deployment of Small UAS at Urban Delivery Services. 98th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board. Washington D.C.
  • Mares A., Demberel O.E. and Heinitz, F. (2019): Motorists’ Preferences toward Parking Space Management in the Capital City of Ulaanbaatar. 15th World Conference on Transport Research, Mumbai     >> further publications

Affiliations & Further Activities

  • World Conference on Transportation Research Society (WCTRS), Lyon - since Antwerp, 1998 - Scientific Committee Member 2005-2007
  • Member of the Scientific Board - Periodica Polytechnica, Ser. Transportation Engineering, Budapest - since 2013
  • Sino-German University of Applied Sciences (CDHAW) and Mexican-German Academic Cooperation (MDHK), BEng Programmes "Business Engineering" with Tongji University and Tec de Monterrey: Committee Member of Double Degree Programmes
  • Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), College Park MD - since R.d.Janeiro, 2005
  • Transportation Research Board, Washington D.C. - since 2009, AV040 group
  • German Aviation Research Society (G.A.R.S.), Cologne - since 2011
  • Association of Friends of FH Erfurt's Transport Faculty (FöV VT), since 2005
  • Referee for transport research journals, project proposals, accreditation and evaluation of study courses, scientific advisor

past official duties and further activities:

Portrait Prof. Dr. Florian Heinitz (Quelle: privat)

Prof. Dr. Florian Heinitz

Study Tours (in German)


Prof. Dr. Florian Heinitz

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Building 3 Room 3.2.34
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Fax: +49 361 6700-528
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