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Transport and Communications


Professorship of Transport Economics

Transport Economics deals with that sector of the overall economy involved with the provision of transport services and the necessary infrastructure services. This course combines both the micro- and macroeconomic aspects of the subject. These are given a great deal of attention in the lectures as they are very relevant to a future professional career in a transport company or a transport planning authority.

Irrespective of the side on which graduates intend to work, they have to have a sound understanding of the complex interrelations in the transport industry, the underlying political economics and business management principles, and their mathematical and statistical description. This is taught in lectures, seminars and exercises, some of which are held in English.

As the course progresses, increasingly more sophisticated solution strategies are developed and tested by means of case studies that are closely related to the actual decision context of transport companies. The project-oriented character of the course enables practical experience to be gained in the use of instruments and software for problem analysis, decision support and implementation, while at the same time developing team coordination.

Here you can find an outline of the courses to be taught:

  • Transport Economics - Undergraduate Level
  • Air Transport Economics - Undergraduate Level
  • Operations Research - Undergraduate Level
  • Assessment Methods - Graduate Level
  • Quantitative Methods for Decision Support - Graduate Level
  • Transport Econometrics - Graduate Level
  • Course Projects (e.g. Transport Demand Modelling) - Grad & Udergrad
  • Study Tours / Excursions
  • Final Thesis Supervision

The software laboratory "Transport Modelling", inaugurated in mid-2006, is an important infrastructural asset of this specialist field.

Prof. Dr. Florian Heinitz

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