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WASta - Housing for Elderly People in the Context of Urban Development (BMBF)

Project description

The diversification of society currently taking place due to ongoing demographic change implies modified demands on housing. In this context, the housing industry is challenged to meet the diversified demand of different lifestyle groups among senior citizens. In order to stay competitive in an ageng society, building companies and all other enterprises will have to adapt and react to the changed demand. It will be of particular importance to address the demand of the growing elderly population. In this research project, we aimed to analyse and systemise the diverse group of the elderly.

The classification was developed based on individual housing preferences and requirements. The project partners were the urban administration of Gera and Leipzig and two cooperative building companies in each city. The goal of this study was moreover to identify the requirements and individual housing preferences of the identified groups. In this project, different characteristics of housing were examined with consideration of the neighbourhood, infrastructure and social structures. Based on preceding findings and the classification, target groups of elderly people of interest to cooperative building companies were identified. Furthermore, the project developed concepts regarding living arrangements, accompanying services and outlined types of cooperation between building companies and urban administrations. Moreover, a communication concept was developed including a marketing strategy for innovative housing offers for elderly people.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heidi Sinning, Project leader
Dipl.-Ing. Julia Gädker
Dipl.-Soz. Katharina Thalheim

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