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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit


Our restricted admissions procedures are usually carried out in the three weeks after the closing date for applications. All notifications are then sent out as soon as possible. You will not receive notification of admission for courses with unrestricted admissions.


There is a general enrolment deadline for courses with unrestricted admissions. See Courses.

For courses with restricted admission, your notification of admission to the program states a deadline by which you have to submit your enrolment documents.

These include:

- your application for enrolment,
- confirmation of cover by a health insurance company or
- proof of exemption from compulsory health insurance and
- a copy of your certificate of discharge from university (in case of previous studies)
- an officially certified copy of your university entrance qualification

In order to enrol, you must also transfer the semester fee. This can only be done after you have received confirmation of your acceptance to the course!

If applicants are unsuccessful, it is still possible to obtain a place either by moving up the waiting list or through the draw. You can register for the draw by submitting an application (see Notification of Rejection).
You will only be notified if you are admitted.

Health Insurance

In order to enrol and re-register, you need health insurance. If you do not have proof of health insurance, you cannot be enrolled or re-enrolled (in subsequent semesters).

In accordance with the Student Health Insurance Registration Regulations, you are required to provide proof of health insurance coverage by enrolment at the latest. It is not sufficient to present your health insurance card. For those who have private health insurance or are legally insured through their parents on financial aid or free medical care, documentation of private health insurance is not sufficient. Instead, you must provide proof of exemption from statutory health insurance by the time you enrol. Please contact a statutory health insurance company in this regard.

If you are a student and your health insurance company has informed us that you are no longer insured, you will not be able to re-enrol for the next semester unless you present current proof of insurance. Upon leaving the university, your student entitlement to compulsory insurance in the statutory health insurance scheme ends. You are, however, still entitled to further benefits for a maximum of one month. After this month you are no longer entitled to benefits.

Overview of insurance premiums and information on student health insurance (in German):


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