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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit

Office for research, transfer of technology and knowledge

The research office is the central contact point of the UAS Erfurt for all questions about research, transfer of technology and knowledge of the organisation.

The consulting and service offer of the research office cover among other things:

  • Explanation of the basic conditions of the research with third-party funding at higher education establishments
  • Supply of information about advancement programs and institutions for promotion of the states, the federation and the EU
  • Contact preparation and exchange of discussions to scientists of the UAS Erfurt or in reverse to enterprises, research establishments or other universities (collaboration or investigation on assignments)
  • Support during the filing of applications, the drawing up of contracts, the production of financial programmes etc. with research projects
  • Representation of the research potential of the university (e.g. research reports, transfer catalogue, documentation, attendance at fairs)
  • Contact point for patent and utilisation activities of the UAS

The research office acts as a liaison for both partners for the members and members of the UAS and for the partners outside of the UAS Erfurt (enterprises, authorities, chambers, research promotion organizations, federations, foundations etc.).

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