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Research management at the UAS Erfurt

Research at higher education establishments

In the Thüringer Act concerning universities § 5 (1) it is fixed that the research apart from teachings, study and further training belongs to the tasks of the universities. Colleges of further education fulfill these tasks by application-oriented teachings and appropriate research. Likewise task of the universities is accordingly § 5 (8) " Knowledge and Technology transfer". For the fulfillment of these tasks there are the following management levels at the UAS Erfurt.

UAS management

Within the university management of the UAS Erfurt the responsibility for this field is realised by the vice-president for research, Prof. Dr. Volker Zerbe. He is also the director of the Commission for research and transfer.

Technology transfer office

This is assigned to the president, or the vice-president for research and transfer Office for research, transfer of technology and knowledge. The tasks of the research office include the representation of the research potential for the university. Thus the transfer catalogue (performance of the UAS Erfurt, research, transfer of technology and knowledge) as well as the research report (worked on projects) are coordinated and editorially worked on as central documents. These Publications demonstrate the technical spectrum of the UAS Erfurt.


The UAS Erfurt is arranged into faculties. Over the Research information pages of the faculties one can look up particular current research projects and detailed descriptions of the project. In addition, in each faculty there is  someone assigned who is available to answer direct technical inquiries.


According to the freedom of teaching, research, art, science and study, the actual carriers of the research are the scientists at the UAS. TheResearch office would be glad to help in establishing contact. Addresses, telephone numbers etc. can be found in the Transfer catalogue or theResearch information of the faculties.

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