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P+R-conception for the Thuringian capital city Erfurt

The capital city of Thuringia, Erfurt, is an attractive habitat for services and events and a considerable destination within the international city and culture tourism. Due to its wide-ranging catchment area, the city has to face major traffic issues. The traffic increases even more with mass events, like e.g. the Christmas fare, the Oktoberfest and the Krämerbrückenfest. Dealing with the resulting standing traffic within the city centre also causes grave problems. At the same time, the existing circumferential P+R-facilities suffer from under-utilisation.

In addition to that, the construction of the „Erfurter Ring“ (a circular motorway around Erfurt) has been completed in December 2006, together with the completion of the motorway parts A 71 AS Bindersleben – AS Mittelhausen and AS Stotternheim – AS Erfurt-Nord. This leads to a change and rearrangement of the traffic flows within the periphery of Erfurt. The accessibility of the city centre by motorized individual transportation has clearly been enhanced.

Erfurt’s major roads are connected to a modern, parallel running city tram system of the Public Transport. This Public Transportation network of the Erfurter Verkehrsbetriebe AG is angled at the city centre and has eight gateways to the motorized transport through the parking places Europaplatz, Grubenstraße, Hauptfriedhof, Marcel-Breuer-Ring, Messe, Thüringenhalle, and Urbicher Kreuz, as well as one parking garage at the stadium. These permanently displayed P+R-facilities are occasionally during the day and often during mass events underused. Against this background, a concept of strategies and measures shall be developped in order to

  • adapt existing P+R-facilities to the changed infrastructural conditions as well as
  • increase the utilisation of the P+R-facilities and the city tramline during mass events.

The basic ideas of this conception are:

  • analysis of the current situation
  • analysis of measures
  • recommendations for the realisation.

Project leader:
M. Gather
M. Rebstock

Contact person:
M. Rebstock
S. Sommer 

September 2008 – November 2008

Mobility concepts
Travel demand

Spatial analyses
Travel survey

Contract partner:
EVAG Erfurt AG


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