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Integrated Transport Model Thuringia – Maintenance and Further Development

The central purpose of this project is providing the scientific part within road network planning and management of the Free State of Thuringia. This specifically includes the maintenance and further operation of the model’s equipment and the data bases as well as guaranteeing their permanent accessibility. These data bases are meant to assist the Thuringian Ministry for State Development, Construction and Transportation resp. the Thuringian State Road Construction Authority in their decision making process. Special attention is turned to consistency and traceability of analyses and prognoses. Besides securing of ongoing operations, the project is also responsible for continuing the analysis case of 2005 to the year of 2010. The reproduction of the network’s condition in 2010 bases itself on the results of a traffic census in 2010 in combination with the utilisation of data collected by floating car detection systems.

The project’s range of activities:

  • Operation and maintenance of the relevant parts of the network model
  • Assistance of data requests and provision of maps
  • Operating a structure-, mobility- and model-database
  • Inserting data of floating car detection systems in VISUM (software for traffic analyses and prognoses), recalibration / evaluation of matrices
  • Matrix revaluation to continue the analysis in 2010

In the course of the maintenance and besides reproducing the state of analyses in 2010, single years (e.g. 2009, 2011, 2012) are developed for current planning purposes.

Project leader:
F. Heinitz

Contact person:
H. Hesse

2009 - Aug. 2011

Travel demand
Mobility concepts

Transport Modelling / Econometrics

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