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The Transport and Spatial Planning Institute

The Transport and Spatial Planning Institute (German abbreviation: IVR) was established in 2003 as an academic section of the Transport and Communications Department of  Erfurt University of Applied Sciences and was confirmed by the Thuringian Ministry for Culture in 2004.

The institute serves practice-oriented, interdisciplinary academic research as well as the transfer of know-how in the fields of transport and spatial planning.

Major aspects of the work are the exploration of traffic causes and impacts, general interference of geography, mobility and traffic behavior as well as towns and country development. Besides that. it offers in-depth investigations such as spacial analyses of accessibility or assessment of welfare effects. The institute is engaged in both fundamental and contract research.

IVR provides assistance with the realization of concepts and the implementation of innovative solutions, as it is active in the fields of scientific advisory, cooperation management or the hosting of workshops and conferences.

The institute has already worked successfully in cooperation with European institutions, Federal and State Ministries as well as their executive bodies, special-purpose associations and representative bodies, economic organizations, consultancy companies as well as scientific institutions in the research group.

The introduction of the master course "Intelligent Transport Systems and Mobility Management (MSc)" in the year 2009 was supported by the institute.

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