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Weltoffene Hochschulen gegen Fremdenfeindlichkeit


The UAS Erfurt is a public corporation and also a facility of the State of Thuringia. It carries out its obligatory tasks as a self-administering body in as far as these are not assigned to be State responsibilities.

An important part of self-administration is formed by committees. This means that all members of UAS Erfurt have the right to co-decide on university matters as a member of a committee. Committees are made up of groups consisting of professors, staff and students. Each member group elects its representatives for a term of three years, except for students, for whom this period is one year. All member groups must be adequately represented in the individual committees.

The most important central committees of the UAS Erfurt are the University Assembly, the University Council, the senate as well as the commissions in central divisions ("Academic Affairs", "Research and Transfer", "Finance ans Personnel Development").

Contact persons

The central committees are supervised by the following persons:

Senate and University Council
Stefanie Pietsch
Tel.: 0361 6700-772, Fax: -703
E-Mail: gremien@no -

Commission for academic affairs
Victoria Völker, Leiterin Zentrum für studentische Angelegenheiten
Tel.: 0361 6700-860, Fax: -140

Commission for research and transfer
Dr. Thomas Schwager, Forschungsreferent / Service Drittmittel, Forschung und Transfer
Tel.: 0361 6700-709, Fax: -122
E-Mail: schwager@no -

Commission for finances and personnel development
Prof. Stefan Landwehr, stellvertretender Kanzler
Andrea Unbehau, Sekretariat der Kanzlerin
Tel.: 0361 6700-121, Fax: -122
E-Mail: kanzleramt@no -

Further responsibilities:

Elections to the committees
Prof. Stefan Landwehr, Chancellor und Wahlleiter
Andrea Unbehau, Sekretariat der Kanzlerin
Tel.: 0361 6700-121, Fax: -122
E-Mail: kanzleramt@no -

Association of Friends and Sponsors of UAS Erfurt
- Teaching Prize / Study Prize
Luise Reiber
Tel.: 0361 6700-799, Fax: -703
E-Mail: luise.reiber@no -


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