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Association of Friends and Sponsors of UAS Erfurt

Work of the Association

The Association of Friends and Sponsors of UAS Erfurt understands itself as an active university-wide cross-departmental facility and as the umbrella organisation for the UAS Erfurt department-related sponsorship associations. This overall sponsorship association has been in existence since 1996. Its goals are derived from the Charter. By taking out membership, intersted parties and enthusiasts can considerably support the further development of the university.


  • "Support of teaching, scientific research, projects and important development work at UAS Erfurt through membership contributions, donations and subsidies"
  • "Support for cooperation of UAS Erfurt with other universities, scientific establishments, associations and commercial companies"
  • "Support of public relations work of the university to make its offerings and services known in the region"
  • "To bring together previous and present colleagues and graduates, as well as friends and sponsors of UAS Erfurt, and promote scientific exchange through presentations and support for the university's cultural activities"
    (Charter, § 3)

The Association has awarded a teaching prize since 2002 for the best teaching event of the year. SInce 2005, a study prize has also been introduced for the best student thesis of the year.


Association headquarters

University of Applied Sciences  Erfurt
The President
Altonaer Strasse 25
99085 Erfurt

Tel.: 0361 6700-701
Fax: 0361 6700-703

Entered in the Register of Associations under No. VR161547 at the Erfurt District Court




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