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Help for orientation on UAS Erfurt pages

Bildschirmfoto zur Verdeutlichung der Aufteilung der Seiteninhaltes.
Bildschirmfoto zur Verdeutlichung der Aufteilung der Seiteninhaltes.

The UAS Erfurt Internet pages are all constructed according to the same consistent principle and always split into the following sections that are clearly separated from one another:

  • A - Header
  • B - Navigation bar or menu
  • C - Content area with the actual information (shown as a double column in this picture)
  • D - Footer

Users of assist tools such as screenreaders and voice-driven browsers, and also the users of older browsers or mobile terminals (smartphones and PDAs) have the possibility of navigating between these content blocks.

The header (A)

The header of every page contains the following elements:

  • In top line the language (German or - when available- English), colour (coloured or black-white) and the font size can be selected.
  • Links to the pages for Contact, Content and Help can be found to the right of the University logo.
    'Content' is an overview of all FHEpages, a so-called sitemap.
    University members can in future utilise 'Login' to log in to the Intranet.
    In addition, all University website users have a Search function available.
  • The 'breadcrumb' navigation is placed under this - what is meant being  "You are here: ...". On one hand, this gives information concerning where you are located in the FHE web pages, while on the other it gives the possibility to return to higher-level pages in the page hierarchy. This is possible because the breadcrumb navigation itself represents links.

The navigation bar (B)

So-called »Skip Links« are stored on our pages for keyboard users that allow easy navigation within each page. If you navigate through the page using the Tab key, links appear at the beginning that allow you to select whether you want to jump to the Navigation or the actual content of the page.

The content area (C)

The Content area contains the actual page contents, i.e. you will find here information about the University, the Faculties, etc. The FHE web pages use two variants of content area - either single-column or double-column. The picture above shows the double-column content area. In the second column, the so-called margins column, normally contains contact data and links to other websites and downloads. Some pages have pictures, others tables. We always attempt to ensure that operation is user-friendly. If users of assisting tools such as screenreaders and voice-driven browsers have questions or comments, please contact us.

The footer (D)

The Footer is at the bottom of the page. It contains links for

  • Printing out a page – to use this function JavaScript must be activated in your browser, or alternatively you can generally use the menu “File – Print…” in your browser
  • Going to the start of the page
  • Going to the Imprint

Link - symbols

In browsers that support current web standards, symbols are used to clarify different types of links. To use a link, you can either click on the symbol or the associated text. The following symbols are used on the University pages:

Icon interner Link

Internal link - clicking it takes you to another UAS Erfurt web page.

Icon externer Link

External link - clicking it takes you to an external website for whose contents UAS Erfurt is not responsible. External pages are generally shown in a new browser window (or in a new tab), while the original window is kept open.

Icon Download

Download – after clicking, the download, for example of a PDF document, starts. You can either look at this in your browser or store it on your PC.

Icon E-Mail

E-mail– clicking it opens the standard e-mail program on your PC. (The program that is actually opened, whether for example ‘Outlook’ or ‘Thunderbird’ depends on your PC settings.) JavaScript must be enabled in your browser settings for this purpose.

Icon Ausdrucken

Print – clicking it opens the print dialogue of your browser.

Icon Link zum Seitenanfang

Start of page – clicking this scrolls the current Internet page back to the top.

Logo der Fachhochschule Erfurt

FHE logo - clicking the FHElogo in the header always brings you back to the main UAS Erfurt wep page.

Links - Tooltips

You can generally find additional information on the target of a link. In graphical browsers, you only have to roll the mouse over a link: the information is either shown in a so-called tooltip or in the status bar at the bottom edge of the window. You can see a tooltip here. It names the target of the link, in this case the central workshop:

Abbildung eines so genannten Tooltips zur Angabe eines Linkziels.

In assisting programs such as screenreaders, you may have to activate extra functions to receive this information.

Abbreviations - Tooltips

Abbreviations that are used in these pages generally have information on the meaning of the abbreviation stored in them. In current graphical browsers you view this information by running your mouse over the abbreviation concerned. The information then appears in a tooltip (as already explained in the section on links). Several browsers, for example Internet Explorer Version 6, unfortunately do not show tooltips.

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