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Faculty of Business, Logistics and Transport


Duties of International Program Coordinators

  • Contact for foreign students (regular course of study and exchange student for a semester)

    -Planning of course of studies and student counseling
    -Special test regulations / certificates / internships
    -Guidance of student advisors

  • Contact person for students interested in studying abroad for one semester or participating in international internships
  • Coordinating cooperative relationships and contributing to maintaining existing international contacts
  • Developing concepts for and practical implementation of internationalization strategies with the activity areas:
    • Improved introduction and support of foreign freshman students (personal coaching)
    • International visibility of study programs offered to increase the percentage of incoming students
    • Information campaign and alignment of examination regulations to increase the percentage of outgoing students
    • Increase the offering of specialized excursions to foreign countries (pilot project: London, October 2005)
    • Faculty participation in the annual International Summer School of FH Erfurt
    • Perspective: International study programs offered together with industry partners for specific target groups
  • Representation of faculty in the university-wide coordination committees



Internationaler Begegnungsabend auf dem Erfurter Weihnachtsmarkt 2006 (Quelle: privat)

International Program Coordinators

 Prof. Dr. Florian Heinitz

Altonaer Straße 25, 99085 Erfurt
Haus 3, Room 3.2.24

Tel: +49361 6700-671
Fax: +49361 6700-528
e-mail: heinitz@no -

International Program Coordinators of the Business Administration Department

 Prof. Dr. Steffen Schwarz

Steinplatz 2, 99085 Erfurt
Room 713

Tel: +49361 6700-169
Fax: +49361 6700-152
e-mail: schwarz@no -

Prof. Dr. Klaus Merforth

Steinplatz 2, 99085 Erfurt
Room 513

Tel: +49361 6700-178
Fax: +49361 6700-152
e-mail: merforth@no -

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