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Fachrichtung Landschaftsarchitektur


International Alpine Workshops for students, researchers and practitioners of natural and environmental sciences

The Tagliamento River in the Southern Alps (Friaul) is the last large river in Europe where all natural riparian habitats can be found extensively and river-dynamic processes still run large- scaled. It is the biggest coherent flood plain system within the European Habitat Directive Network - NATURA 2000 (Müller 2005) and is regarded the most important reference ecosystem for implementation of the European Water Framework Directive.

The workshops started in 1991 when we studied for several years in a small group of experts this exciting river (Lippert & al. 1995). Since 2004 we are organizing every year in cooperation with different European universities these workshops.

Today workshop objectives are connecting students, scientists and practitioners of nature and environmental sciences from Europe and doing together ecological investigations on that riparian landscape (emphasize on vegetation, flora and fauna). Along the entire river course (see Fig.) analysis of biodiversity matters (species, habitats, neobiota) will be made and knowledge about European Union habitats will be consolidated. Furthermore information about current conservation research as well as actual problems of nature conservation will be provided and discussed. Based on field work a report will be compiled afterwards.

An overall workshop aim is to call attention for the endangerment of the Tagliamento. The Friaulian Government has the plan to construct dams between Spilimbergo and Monte Ragogne.

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