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Accessibility Statement

Legal Basis
The University of Applied Sciences Erfurt (Fachhochschule Erfurt) is committed to making this website accessible in accordance with national legislation that implements Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and European Council. This directive was implemented in accordance with the Thuringian law on barrier-free access to the websites and mobile applications of public bodies (ThürBarrWebG) of 30 July 2019. § 2 of the Thuringian ordinance on the creation of accessible information technology in accordance with the Thuringian law on barrier-free access to the websites and mobile applications of public bodies (ThürBITVO) of 28 April 2020 refers to § 3 of the Barrier-Free Information Technology Ordinance (BITV 2.0) of 21 May 2019 (BGBl. I, p. 738). § 3 of BITV 2.0 sets out the criteria for accessible website design using standardized guidelines. Specifically, this concerns norm EN 301549, which particularly focuses on the performance criteria contained in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). This accessibility statement has been produced on the basis of the self-assessments carried out using the BITV/WCAG test and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

According to § 1 ThürBarrWebG (Thuringian law on barrier-free access to the websites and mobile applications of public bodies of 30 July 2019), the following content is not subject to accessibility requirements:

  • file formats from office applications published before 23 September 2018, unless this content is necessary for the active administrative procedures of duties performed by the respective administrative entity
  • recordings of time-based media published before 23 September 2020
  • content that qualifies as archive material, i.e. that only contains information neither required for active administrative procedures nor updated or revised after 23 September 2019. This includes the 'Thuringia Monitors' issued before 2019.

State of compliance
The fh-erfurt.de website and its functionality and form of presentation on conventional end devices are currently largely compatible with Directive (EU) 2016/2102 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. No BITV test has yet been carried out by third parties for the content listed. The accessibility of fh-erfurt.de is to be verified in an independent WACG test by external parties. The test results will be published here once the test has been completed.

The TYPO3 content management system recommended on the BITV test website is used for the editorial and technical operation of the fh-erfurt.de website (see also: https://www.bitvtest.de/sites_und_agenturen/genutzte_cms.html).

Remaining shortcomings and improvements
Isolated shortcomings still persist in some content-related and technical areas. In particular, older PDF documents still need to be optimized. At present, some of this content is only accessible to a limited extent. Where possible, alternative ways of presenting these documents, such as plain text, are being considered and implemented. Work is currently underway to rectify the shortcomings identified. As soon as this process is completed, it will be announced on this page.

We endeavour to use language that is as straightforward as possible. However, this is not always possible due to the complexity of specialist information. Please let us know if you think any of our texts are unnecessarily complicated. We try to avoid the use of abbreviations as far as possible, or we use the unabbreviated spelling the first time it appears in the text and then use the abbreviation in the rest of the text. Please notify us if you come across any abbreviations or technical terms that require explanation.

Feedback and Contact Details
If you notice any shortcomings or room for improvement in terms of compliance with accessibility requirements, please contact the team in charge of the website. We are always grateful for tips and suggestions for improvement. We endeavour to respond to any correction requests and suggestions as quickly as possible.

Fachhochschule Erfurt
Email: webredaktion@fh-erfurt.de

If you believe that you have been discriminated against by the insufficient accessibility of fh-erfurt.de or if we do not process your feedback to your satisfaction, you can contact the enforcing authority in accordance with ThürBarrWebG:

Thüringer Landesbeauftragter für Menschen mit Behinderungen
Dienstsitz im Thüringer Landtag
Jürgen-Fuchs-Straße 1
99096 Erfurt
Phone: +49 361 573118007
Email: internet@tlmb.thueringen.de