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Are you interested in studying at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt? Find out more about what you need to consider when applying.


Find out more about the most important steps for your enrolment.

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How to apply for a place at our university

Applications for Summer Semester 2024 are possible from 01.02. until 15.03.2024. The application portals will open from 01.02.2024 for the Master's programs in Applied Computer Science, Building Services Engineering, Civil Engineering, Management of Forestry Businesses and Sustainable Plant Production in Research and Practice.

  • Currently, this applies to the following Bachelor's programs at our university:

    • Architecture
    • Forestry and Ecosystem Management
    • Social Work
    • Urban and Spatial Planning_Foundations

    If you would like to apply for one of the degree programs listed above, please register first at hochschulstart.de.

    Please note: For all other Bachelor's and Master's programs, it is not necessary to register at hochschulstart.de.

    You can find more information on the "Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure" (DOSV) used by hochschulstart.de here.

    • Using hochschulstart.de:
      Registration and application only possible with BID (applicant ID) and BAN (applicant authentification number); your personal data will be transferred
    • Without hochschulstart.de:
      Enter your personal data in the registration form on the online application portal
  • Depending on the degree program you have chosen, you may have to first submit an application or you might be able to enrol directly.

    • "Numerus Clausus" (NC) Bachelor's and Master's programs (restricted admissions)
      • Please apply online: you will be asked for data such as the required minimum university entrance qualification or Bachelor's grade
      • Upload the documents requested on the online applications portal "MeinFHEcampus"
      • Your documents will undergo a preliminary review by the Student Admissions Office
      • If everything is in order, your application will be validated and will progress to the selection procedure.
    • "NC-free" Bachelor's programs (no admission restrictions)
      • After choosing your degree program, you can enrol immediately online
      • In order to enrol, you will be asked for the relevant data, e.g. how many semesters you have already studied at university
      • Please sign and send your Application for Enrolment together with the required supporting documents to the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
      • You will not receive a Notification of Admission
      • Once you have submitted all the necessary documents and have paid the semester fee, you will be enrolled and will receive your welcome documents and student ID card by post before you begin your studies.
    • After registering and selecting your degree program, you can apply to enrol using our university portal MeinFHEcampus. Then print out the Application for Enrolment and send it to the Student Admissions Office together with any other documents requested. At the same time, please transfer the semester fee and register as a student with a statutory health insurance company.
  • The following information applies to these degree programs:

    • Bachelor Forestry and Ecosystems Management
    • Bachelor Social Work
    • Bachelor Architecture
    • Bachelor Urban and Spatial Planning_Foundations

    Please note: For all other Bachelor's and Master's programs, you do not need to register at hochschulstart.de.

    1. Register at hochschulstart.de

    2. Register using your BID (applicant ID) and BAN (applicant authentification number) on the online applications portal of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt "MeinFHEcampus"

    You can find further information on how the Dialogue Oriented Service Procedure (DOSV) is carried out here.

    • After registering and selecting your degree program, you will be asked for your application data, e.g. the required university entrance qualification, number of semesters you have already studied at university etc.
    • Upload the documents required on the application portal "MeinFHEcampus"
    • Your application will be reviewed by the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt

    Please note: If all the necessary documents have been submitted, your application will be set to "valid", visible in the application portal "MeinFHEcampus"

    • Valid applications will be entered into the selection/award procedures.
    • After the application deadlines, the selection and award procedures will be carried out.
    • You will receive notification of admission or rejection shortly after the selection or award procedures have taken place.
    • Apply within the application deadline via the portal "MeinFHEcampus" and upload all of the requested documents.
    • If you satisfy the program regulations, you will receive a notification of admission.
    • If you wish to accept the place, please enrol online via "MeinFHEcampus" within the enrolment deadline specified in the notification of admission.
Mein FHEcampus

Using the portal "Mein FHEcampus", you can submit your application to study at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt.

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Are applications to your chosen degree program coordinated by hochschulstart.de? Register here!

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Uni Assist

If you do not hold a degree from a German university, please use the application portal Uni Assist.

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Student Admissions Office

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