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Language Centre

Active and lively language learning for your studies, everyday life and career!

We can no longer imagine the modern world of work without international interaction. As an interdisciplinary academic institution, the Language Centre aims to cultivate these international communication skills.

No matter what they are studying, all students can take part in general language, subject-specific or skills-based courses that focus on oral and written communication for both academic and professional purposes.

Our 1st International Week

The first International Week "Countries, Languages, Cultures", organized and carried out by the Language Centre of the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, took place from 16-20.01.2023. With a variety of events ranging from lectures to podium discussions to interactive sessions, it really got off to a great start.


Dr. Susanne Schrabback


Daniela Buchwald


Professional Skills

Succeed with your studies and in the job market. Choose one or more courses from this series and be awarded 2 credits each.


International Students at FH Erfurt

Why study here? Listen to what our students say!


  • The Language Centre team can provide support for all (foreign) language needs and problems, for example, we can help you with your applications or other documents such as exposés etc.

    Furthermore, students are always welcome to contact the Language Centre for advice on specific langauge problems, whether it's grammar or vocabulary or preparing presentations in a foreign language. In these cases, we can arrange individual tutoring sessions.

  • The Language Centre also offers in-house translation services (German-English) and proofreading (English) for departments and staff at the university. We are also developing an FHE German-English glossary that is updated regularly in order to establish a standardized university-wide English to be used for all FHE communications with the outside world (website, brochures, flyers, etc.).

    • Language courses for staff
    • Intercultural events
    • Support for university-wide events