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Language Centre

Course Certificates from Winter Semester 2022/23

Your course certificates for the optional language classes held last semester (not compulsory courses!) can now be collected from the secretary's office in the Language Centre (room 2.2.10).

Please submit your course certificates to the Examinations Office in order to receive your credits, as this information cannot be passed on automatically.

Language Courses at the University of Erfurt

Students at the University of Applied Sciences can also attend language courses at the University of Erfurt and receive credits for them. Registration for these courses has also begun. YOu will find more informaiton here.

Academic Writing for Staff

Even for those who have attained a high level of written English, there are many small points of grammar and style that can confuse and hamper the non-native writer. We will focus on these and other language questions in a systematic manner, while building on your store of academic vocabulary and expressions.

There will be six to seven workshops on Fridays from 9-10.30 a.m. in the teaching period of the forthcoming summer term, starting on 14 April, 2023. The workshops will be in English.

Please click here for more information.


Dr. Susanne Schrabback


Daniela Buchwald


  • The Language Centre team can provide support for all (foreign) language needs and problems, for example, we can help you with your applications or other documents such as exposés etc.

    Furthermore, students are always welcome to contact the Language Centre for advice on specific langauge problems, whether it's grammar or vocabulary or preparing presentations in a foreign language. In these cases, we can arrange individual tutoring sessions.

  • The Language Centre also offers in-house translation services (German-English) and proofreading (English) for departments and staff at the university. We are also developing an FHE German-English glossary that is updated regularly in order to establish a standardized university-wide English to be used for all FHE communications with the outside world (website, brochures, flyers, etc.).

    • Language courses for staff
    • Intercultural events
    • Support for university-wide events

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