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Welcome to Business Administration

Our Department of Business Administration was founded in 1992 and has been part of the Faculty of Business, Logistics and Transport since 2008. We enrol about 150 students per year in the Bachelor's program and between 30-40 students in each of the two Master's programs. Have a look around our website and find the right degree course for you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Introducing the Student Council

... of the Department of Business Administration

Where theory meets practice!

  •  high level of practical relevance
    * both in theory by learning from case studies                             
    * as well as in practice through field trips
    * practical experience coordinators
  • * "Karriere meets Thüringen" careers fair
  • wide range of courses with numerous specializations and elective options
  • work placement semester
  • lecturers with substantial business backgrounds
  • thinking outside the box - in additional to professional expertise, we also provide training
    in methodological and social skills
  • international relevance through the annual Summer School and
    national and international partner universities

Who are we?

In order to teach our comprehensive and broad-ranging curriculum, we have

  • 18 professors
  • 1 honorary professor
  • 4 lecturers and
  • a large number of associate lecturers from the world of business

at our disposal. You can find out more about our Bachelor's and Master's programs here.

Who's who?